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whoahkarebear. TB TO last halloween! (also very relevant because the nba is so OP rig

TB TO last halloween! (also very relevant because the nba is so OP right now.. definitely using some of that Secret Stuff. 😳🏀 @stevenbooke you the bugs to my lola, 🐰 you my ride or die ✌🏽 I love you ❤️ cant wait to ball with you 🤪🤪🤗

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i did leave my room. no, i wasnt at the gym! i went to do a maze^2 🌽 (joke credit 2: @sean.yagi ) IT WAS SO FUN! thnx Jenna 🤪💕also, we saw Mars and Saturn in the same part of the sky - how cool is that! check out @stevenbooke i turned him into a pumpkin 🎃 💫✌🏽

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Thank you for helping me move into my new home @stevenbooke 💚💛 It is beautiful here - i feel like i am staying at summer camp! we see tarantulas, deer, horsies, quails.. i feel like im right at home! minus the squirrels 😭 Since i started my transfer journey, this school has been the goal. I am so grateful to be here ☺️

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I love you and will miss you the most 💞 haha sike, ill see you in like a month. so i just love you. 🎳

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i will miss the deer, coyote, bunnies, turkey, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and possums that visit my house! 🐰🦌🐿🐀🐇🦃 just kidding, i am being dramatic.🙄 im going to back before i know it 😂❤️ today we went on a six mile hike and met a bunch of animals! ❤️❤️

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having coach @stevenbooke train me to touch that rim.🏀 😂 i got big goals, big big goals! 🤗 he had me do a lot of different variations on box jumps as well as stability exercises such as landing on one leg. i had tons of fun. ill improve my floating skills much more, dont worry. 🦋🦋🐰🐰❤️

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whoahkarebear. yesterday i turned in my key to the Vitamin Shoppe after working there

yesterday i turned in my key to the Vitamin Shoppe after working there for over 3 years 😭 I remember driving by store 648 when it was being built during my winter break back from Arizona and thinking ‘hey id love to work there!’ 💛💙sounds silly since its a retail job, but i clearly loved my job given i stayed for so long. other than alll the product knowledge i gained, i learned a lot about how to work with different coworkers and customers. i have learned that by listening and continuing to ask questions, i have something to learn from every. single. person i come in contact with. i hope to continue to apply this mindset wherever i go. my goal was to turn frownies upsidedown without being weird, and selling products to customers as if they were someone i loved. ❤️🤗🤗so, anyways, i will miss the vs and grateful for what ive learned. whoahkarebear clocked out! ✌🏽🕐 (i am very thankful for everyone who made coming into work more exciting (you know who you are 😉) i have met some of my best friends here. thank you so much! ❤️)

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THE PIZZA DELIVERY IS HERE!!! 🍕👽🍕things to do before school: bowling ✅ and get vanessa hooked on that 70’s show ✅-ish. (i beat @stevenbooke in the overall 😎 but he had some nice strikes. so did vanessa). 🤗🎳❤️

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well... the light kind of out shines me 💁🏻‍♀️😂jk. but rarely does @stevenbooke go “hey you look good. do that again”. so ya ✌🏽😆 if you want chest veins and striations, do this. for about a year i have not hit chest consistently/have it part of my split, but i missed lifting heavy so i recently started hitting chest again. 🤷🏻‍♀️😍❤️ lets see how much i can bench soon! 🦖

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whoahkarebear. things to do before school: go mini-golfing ✅ thank you for SUCH A FUN

things to do before school: go mini-golfing ✅ thank you for SUCH A FUN laughter filled night 😂😂🤗😍❤️ love you both very much #holein20

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if you’d like your delts to feel like they are on fire and be so sore you cant raise your arms to wash your hair.... then try this combo in our shoulder day! 🔥 🤗❤️ 4 sets of cable lateral raises (12-15 reps) super setted with cable front raises (12-15 reps) (wow the light is so bright) ☀️

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today i hit arms with @stevenbooke and had a blast!! superset everything just how i like it. ✌🏽💕 its only been a few hours and i am already sore 😩 💪🏽

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whoahkarebear. i was trying to flutter my arms like a bird flying over @joeljslim but

i was trying to flutter my arms like a bird flying over @joeljslim but it doesnt look as cool as i had imagined in my head. 🐥😩 i love staying outdoors so we (@stevenbooke and whoahkarebear) spend tons of time at parks and playgrounds. if you know me youd know im not kidding 🐒👶🏻 you guys should go to a park this week 🤗👍🏽❤️❤️

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i was super tired from working and lack of sleep so i didnt lift today! 😳since i wanted to spend time w @stevenbooke 💕, i asked him to put me through a super quick workout. 🐥 he said, “ok ill train you to improve speed and explosiveness” and well, here are pathetic/silly clips! i did squatjumps (not shown) to touch the baby hoop bar, and by the end of that i was dead. youll see how dead i am. 😂🙄💩 also shot around a bunch. this is like a perfect whoahkarebear typa day. have fun, stay active! ✌🏽❤️❤️

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today i worked into @stevenbooke ‘s lift 🤗❤️ i dont have a designated ‘chest day’, so i just do a couple chest exercises on my other upper body days. (yeah, random cuz i didnt post a chest exercise here..) but YEAH! i had a lot of fun and got a pump 🤗💪🏽 also, i do push-ups weird like that cuz of my wrist, its not to look cool or anything 🤷🏻‍♀️🐒

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I love you cuties 💕

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if ya don’t know homies now ya know! @stevenbooke going to UCSB like @w0nly did & karen (me) attending Cal Poly Slo like @takuto_doshiro did. 💙💛💚 maybe we love you 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

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OKAY THIS WAS FOR FUN.💩🐒 we teamed up - team won&karen (aka team win) and team steven&joel and we chose a weight and did 3 sets of rows. whichever team’s rep total was higher would win. 🏆@w0nly and @whoahkarebear won 🤗😜 @joeljslim and @stevenbooke lost and now owe us ramen 🍜 🤷🏻‍♀️ ❤️❤️❤️

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