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Hey, it’s me, I am Dani! 😊

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Can’t get enough of this colors! 😍 #rookieoftheyear1s #jordan1 #burberry [Anzeige, unbezahlt]

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@virgilabloh made me do it 😇🤠[Anzeige, unbezahlt]

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Message of this picture: I want summer, to wear my yellow @clarksoriginals, my Sup towel for the beach and lie underneath a palm tree 🌴 ❤️ [Anzeige]

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The question is obvious: Cat or dog person? ;) This was at Newport Gallery, artist name is Martin Eder and he likes to draw cats and naked women 😇 [Anzeige]

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Serious life planning is going on atm. What about you? What are you aiming for in 2019? [Anzeige]

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September 2018, I was having coffee at Playground Coffee Brooklyn, writing down some thoughts as this cool dude came in with his laptop and sat next to me. He got my attention because it said „AWAKE“ on his shirt and necklace. I’ve asked him if he knows the WiFi password but was too shy to talk some more because he seemed pretty busy, working on his stuff. Turned out it was @angelobaque founder of @awakenewyorkclothing! Until today, I deeply regret not talking to him about our similar names and interests. Angelo, if you see this, lets collaborate 🙌🏼😍 @awakenewyorkclothing [Anzeige]

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Current rotation! Which one is your favorite? 😍[Anzeige]

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London Fashion Week, Baby! [anzeige]

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How do you like that combination?!? ⛓💎⛓[Anzeige]

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Hallo Leute, stehe hier in meinem lässigen Outfit in meinen noch lässigeren Jordan 11er Concord’s (Danke @snipesberlin, danke @tribesmedia)! #raisedfromconcrete #snipesknows [Ad|Anzeige] [📸: Selbstauslöser im Hausflur]

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2019, Clean Slate.

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GOODBYE 2018!!! [Anzeige]

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Dreaming of palm trees and the beach 🏝 What is your next travel destination? 🌊 #throwback

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@alealimay did a great job on those 👌🏻 #airjordan1 #jordan1club [Anzeige]

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It was @valentinhirschtattoo‘s last work of 2018 - it’s the 6th one he did for me 🙏🏽 Swipe and guess what it is? 🤔🤓 [Anzeige] #valentinhirsch #valentinhirschtattoo

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Back in the game! 🏀😎 PS: I lack in taking Instagram time outs 😅 [Anzeige]

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Dear Jesus, I am wearing this hat especially for your birthday today! 🎁🎄 Merry Christmas, folks! 😘

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