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Time for the smiles and sunshine!

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Hear yee, hear yee the final week of the @crossfitgames open is upon us! Who’s thinking thrusters? We have one final event this Friday night with an awesome after partner at Slick Willie’s to follow!

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Post WOD game face with Inno. Portraits by @brakethrough_media

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This one is going to sting...

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Eyes on the PRIZE. 📸 @brakethrough_media x @aaron.barksdale

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YES, Carolina! Coming back after a leg injury and still crushing the challenge! ——————————————————— Do you need help getting your health under control? We can help. Email us at contact@WillyBCrossfit.com and ask us about the 6 week challenge! ——————————————————— - - - - - - #fitspiration, #fitnessgoals, #fitfam, #fitlife, #fitstagram, #fitness, #fitnessmotivation, #fitnessmodel, #fitnessgirl, #fitnessapparel, #fitnesslife, #fitnessfood, #fitnessgear, #fitnessaddict, #crossfit, #fitnessblogger, #fitnessjourney, #fitnessfreak, #fitnesstips, #fitnessmom, #smile #fitnessfirst, #mealprep, #smile, #crossfit, #wod, #cleaneating, #eatright, #workout, #cardio

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Hands up, baby hands up! 📸 @brakethrough_media x @jamesw_adventures

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The face you make when you realize how your booty is going to feel after 19.3! Join us tonight at Newel Street for the week 3 festivities. 📸 @brakethrough_media x @sunshine2781

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Smile! 19.3 gets released tonight! 📸 @brakethrough_media

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What’s your post @crossfitgames open face look like? #portraitphotography from @brakethrough_media just getting started.

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Another member of our 6:30am 6 week challenge free CRUSHED over 20 workouts and stayed on plan with his nutrition and had some incredible results! Give John a fist 🤛🏽 bump when you see him in class! Need help dropping some unwanted weight? Shoot us an email about our 6 week program!

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You get to chose how you finish. No one else. 📸 @luketedaldi

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Big shout out to our guy Daniel for CRUSHING his 6 week challenge! 11lbs and 4% is no joke! He’s now a lean, mean, Crossfit machine! If you need help with your wellness journey email us at contact@WillyBcrossfit.com

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Our main man and resident smile guy turns 29 today! Happy Birthday @ryanmperez !!!

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Wishing a very happy birthday to our very first member, @kateclaracitron !!! May your day be filled with burpees, squats, and sweaty smiles!

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Big drive, big pull, big effort! 📸 @lisahaefnerphoto

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“19.1 is 15 minutes of rowing and wall balls?!?”

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